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CComObject: How ATL creates COM objects

CComObject is the most-derived class; it uses our COM implementation class as a base class. CComObject is defined as a template that takes the name of our COM implementation class as a parameter.
Following is a partial listing of CComObject from file atlcom.h:

template <class Base>
class CComObject : public Base
  STDMETHOD_(ULONG, AddRef)(){...}
  STDMETHOD_(ULONG, Release)(){...}
 (REFIID iid, void ** ppvObject)

ATL uses internal creator classes to create COM object classes (i.e., ComCreator and ComCreator2 in atlcom.h). These classes call another internal creator method. This function creates an instance of our COM object by calling new CComObject().
For CPhBookObj, this call is new CComObject<CPhBookObj>().