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CORBA Common Acronyms

1) OMG is a democratic body that exists to produce, refine, and manage the CORBA specification. Membership consists of over 800 companies worldwide.

2) IDL - Interface Definition Language provides a common programming-level specification language for defining distributed applications.

3) OMA - Object Management Architecture adds a common architectural model, so that applications may also be constructed using standard building blocks and components

4) ORB: Object Request Broker represents an open standard communications mechanism that allows all CORBA objects to send and receive messages in a common way

5) BOA - Basic Object Adapter is a helper object that exists as part of the basic ORB and exists to help CORBA servers register with the ORB and begin to receive CORBA client requests.

6) IIOP - Internet Orb Protocol defines a standard, wire-level protocol spoken by all CORBA ORBs. Having a standard protocol means that ORB products from different vendors will seamlessly interoperate.