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Build Use Case Diagram

1) Draw system and name it

2) Add the users as temporary actors

3) Add systems

4) Add devices: Interview Questions: Are there any devices that will interact with the system? For example, a security system might interact with door and windows sensors. A manufacturing control system will communicate with automated machinery.
Responses: 1) List the devices and their purpose, 2) Determine whether or not they should be included in the discussion: that is, apply the Criteria for Inclusion, 3) For each device you choose to keep, create a 'draft' actor ( we are not done)

5) Convert users, systems, and devices to actors

6) Add the use cases

7) Merge actor #2 with actor #1

8) Merge use case #4 and #5. Use the name for use case #4

9) Add the associations

9.1) Eliminate the user case #2 because it is not visible to any actors outside the system.

10) Finished use case diagram