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UML Exercises Example

UML Diagram

One prepare UML diagrams to understand a system in better and simple way.A single diagram is not enough to cover all aspects of the system Sand UML defines different kinds of diagrams to cover most aspects of a system.
One can also create a set of diagrams to meet your requirements. Diagrams are generally made in an incremental and iterative way.
There are two broad caetgories of diagrams
  1. Structural Diagrams
  2. Behavioral Diagrams
UML Distilled
UML Drawing Diagram: Many exercises in this course consist of drawing diagrams like this one.

Many programmers draw these diagrams with a pen or pencil.
Use a modern drawing program like 1), 2), or 3)

Use a drawing program like Visio. Use any drawing tool mentioned in the previous slide

When you create a diagram using a drawing tool, you will need to save it as a GIF file.