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Create Attribute Name

In a UML class diagram, you can add attributes to classes and interfaces. An attribute defines values that can be attached to instances of the class or interface.


Attributes and association ends have been semantically unified in UML2, so that it is much easier to convert among them in a model. The multiplicity setting now appears after the type name, rather than after the attribute name. This makes it possible to treat the multiplicity as part of the overall type specification. Redefinition and subsetting have been added. The concept of target scope has been dropped.

Create an attribute name

Define the data type

Define the default value

(1 to 30 characters)
Set the constraints on the data values. First identify the field length.

Next identify the types of data that can be used in the field

-companyname: character = spaces 
{ 1 to 30 characters, including alphabetic, spaces, and punctuation characters, no special characters allowed}
Set the attribute visibility