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  • Object Oriented Programming - Part 1

    1. OOD can improve productivity by providing a practical mechansim to reuse classes from one project to another.
    2. What are the Objectives of OOD?
    1. 1. Increase Productivity 2. Increase Quality 3. Elevate Maintainability 3. For Coad and Yourdon an {\it object oriented approach} consists of 1)classes 2)objects 3) inheritance and 4) communication with messages. 4. Relationships between Objects} 1. Whole - Part Structures 2. Instance conncetions (Association relationships) 3. Message connections 5. Gen-Spec relationships between classes define an inheritance hierarchy for classes that are specializations of other classes. 6. Simple statically-typed objects can be viewed as instances of record types. 7. The record fields are called member data in C++. 8. A member function is equivalent to a function taking an object of the record type called the receiver} as the first parameter. The receiver is called this. 9. When defining member functions for a class you sometimes want to refer to the calling object. The this pointer is a predefined pointer that points to the calling object. 10. A reference} is an alias or synonym for another variable. It is declared by using the reference operator & appended to the reference type.