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Object Oriented Design and Programming is essential for any organization that wants to quickly model existing business rules and implment those rules in code. Object Oriented Design is the concept that forces programmers to design their code in order to minimize development time and decrease the number of potential bugs which may occur in future releases.
The origins of object oriented design is debated, but the first languages that supported included it were Simula and SmallTalk.
The term did not become popular until Grady Booch wrote the first paper titled Object-Oriented Design, in 1982. Object Oriented Design is defined as a programming language that has 5 conceptual tools to aid the programmer. These programs are often more readable than non-object oriented programs, and debugging becomes easier with locality. The following sitemap will help you drill down into the specific area for which you have interest.

Advanced COM Basic COM Building C++ Classes
Corba Fundamentals Corba Programming Designing Reusable Code
Programming C++ Structured Programming OO Interview Questions

Object Oriented Analysis Problem Analysis Project Life Cycle
System Design UML CPlusOOP Glossary

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