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C++ Function Prototype - Exercise

Create a function prototype

Objective: Re-code a C program, which uses traditional C function syntax, as a C++ program that uses a proper function prototype. Here is a C program that uses traditional C function syntax:
/* Compute a table of cubes. */
#include  <stdio.h>
#define  N  15
#define  MAX  3.5

int main(){
  int i;
  double x, cube();
  for (i = 1; i <= N; ++i)
     printf("cube(%d) = %d\n", i, cube(i));
  for (x = 1; x <= MAX; x += 0.3)
     printf("cube(%f) = %f\n", x, cube(x));

double cube(x)
double  x;{
   return (x * x * x);

It gives the wrong answers for the integer arguments, and it does so because integer arguments are passed as if their bit representation were double. It is unacceptable as C++ code.


Re-code this program as a C++ program that uses a proper function prototype. Test your program by compiling it using a C++ compiler. C++ compilers enforce type compatibility on function argument values. Therefore, the integer values are properly promoted to double values.
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