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Lesson 4What to expect
ObjectiveExplore key course features.

Advanced COM Programming - Course Features

Com Programming (Course Features)

COM Fundamentals II (Advanced COM) uses a number of interactive features to help you learn the material. You may want to review the following features before starting your coursework.

Quizzes and exercises

Throughout the course, you will find multiple-choice quizzes and hands-on exercises. These learning checks will allow you to assess what you have learned and, if necessary, know what to go back and review.

Slide Show Widget

A Slideshow is a tooltip that presents a series of images that you can flip through, either forward or backward.
In this course, we will be using Slideshow to step through processes and pieces of code.


Whenever you see this graphic within the course, an applet that explains or dissects some element of a design pattern will follow. Move your mouse cursor over the elements of the image outlined in red to display pop-up explanations.