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Lesson 1

Introduction to CORBA Fundamentals

Fri, 17 Mar 2023 04:12:08 +0000
The (CORBA) Common Object Request Broker Architecture represents a relatively complex topic that requires effort to understand in its entirety.
This is because creating software that will run across a network is complicated, but also because CORBA strives to provide standards. Consequently, CORBA represents a relatively large body of information, with varying levels of breadth.

Course goals

In this course, we will focus on the core pieces of CORBA and focus on gaining an understanding of
  1. how CORBA works,
  2. what the basic CORBA architecture represents, and
  3. what the CORBA specification covers.
In addition, we will explore the structure of CORBA clients and CORBA servers in detail.

Discussion Topics

In this course, the following topics will be discussd.
  1. CORBA clients and CORBA servers
  2. The Object Management Group
  3. The CORBA specification
  4. CORBA's Object Management Architecture
  5. The CORBAservices and the CORBAfacilities
  6. Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
  7. CORBA Interface Definition Language
  8. Where the CORBA vendors stand on interoperability, CORBAservices, and overall compliance with the CORBA specification
Take a few moments to go over the introductory material presented in this module before jumping into the course.
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