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Com Client Code - Exercise

Write COM client code

Objective: Write code to access interfaces IF1 and IF2 in COM object O2.


Using the CLSID, the IID, interface declarations, write code to implement a COM client. Use the steps below as a guide. Place the code in main. You can use pseudo-code to handle error conditions.

void main() {    //any function name will do
//Step 1 : Declare HRESULT and interface pointer
//variables for IF1 and IF2
//Step 2 : Initialize COM - thread can use
//COM services and objects.

//Step 3 : Call CoCreateInstance to create an
//instance of COM object O1, get a pointer to IF1.
//Use the FAILED macro to check for errors.

//Step 4 : Call method X1 in IF1. Pass in any value.
   hr = pIF1->X1(45);

//Step 5 : Call IF1::QueryInterface to get a
//pointer to IF2. Use the FAILED macro to check
//for  errors

//Step 6 : Call Z1 in IF2

//Step 7 : Release all COM interface pointers

//Step 8 : Uninitialize COM for this thread

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 40 points. Error handling in your answer need not be complete.

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