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Lesson 13 Adding methods
Objective Add GetPhoneRec to IReadPhBook; add AddPhoneRec and DeletePhoneRec to IManagePhBook.

Adding Interface Methods

Let's add our interface methods. We will start by adding GetPhoneRec to interface IReadPhBook. Once that's done, we'll add AddPhoneRec and DeletePhoneRec to interface IManagePhoneRec. These will enable us to get, add, and delete phone records from our project.
Steps To Add Interface Methods

Essential COM
Adding methods GetPhoneRec, AddPhoneRec, and DeletePhoneRec via "Add Method to Interface" adds method declarations to CPhBookObj and adds code stubs to PhBookObj.cpp.
Declarations for each method were also added into PhBook.idl.

Add Methods - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to apply what you have learned about adding methods to interfaces.
Add Methods - Exercise