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Debug COM server's registry Setting - Exercise

Debug COM server's Registry Setting

Objective: Determine the two bugs in a COM server's registry setting.


COM server cs.dll, located in c:\cs\debug, implements COM objects O1, O2, and O3.
A COM client can successfully access an instance of O1. However, when it tries to access O2 and O3, COM returns errors saying O2 is not registered and it can't find the server for O3.
Following are the registry entries for O1, O2, and O3:
Note: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT is denoted using HKCR

{698996D1-5EB1-11d2-85D9-08001700C57F} = O1
InprocServer32 = c:\cs\debug\cs.dll

{698996D1-5EB1-11d2-85D9-08001700C57F} = O2
InprocServer32 = c:\cs\debug\cs.dll

{698996D2-5EB1-11d2-85D9-08001700C57F} = O3
InprocServer32 = c:\cs\dbg\cs.dll

The COM client's problems are caused by bad registry entries. Find the bad registry entries.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth up to 10 Points; up to 5 points per bug.
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