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Add properties and methods to IReadPhBook - Exercise

Add properties and methods to IReadPhBook

Objective: Add get_CurRec, put_CurRec, get_MaxRecs, get_NumRecs, and GetPhoneRec to CPhBookObj to implement to properties and methods of IReadPhBook.


Part 1: Add properties and methods
Using the code listed above, add the following properties and methods to IReadPhBook:
  1. get_CurRec
  2. put_CurRec
  3. get_MaxRecs
  4. get_NumRecs
  5. GetPhoneRec

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 40 points.


Part 2: Build the project
Make sure the project builds without errors. When you are finished, copy your IReadPhBook implementation, from file PhBookObj.cpp into the text area below.