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Generate In Process Server - Exercise

Generate an in-process server

Objective: Generate the PhBook project.


Following the steps generate the PhBook project. When you are finished, click Submit and you will receive full credit for the exercise.
  1. Start with Visual C++ and no project or files opened. Create a new file.
  2. In the Projects tab of the New dialog box, use the ATL COM AppWizard to create a project named PhBook.
  3. Make sure that the server type is dynamic link library (DLL).
The New Project Information dialog will come up. This lists the project, COM server name, DLL initialization code, IDL source, and ProxyStub makefile. You have now generated a skeleton ATL-based in-process server. When the Class View tab of the Workspace window is selected, you should be able to see that the ATL COM AppWizard has generated all the required in-process server functions, a DLL-entry point function (DllMain), and a global instance of CComModule in variable _Module.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. When you are done, click the Submit button and you will receive full credit for the exercise.

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