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Lesson 6A closer look at the ORB
ObjectiveExplore the elements that make up the ORB.

Closer Look at the ORB

Much of our examination of the core CORBA architecture has focused on the specific attributes of developing CORBA clients and servers.
We will now take a slightly different viewpoint on what we have learned and look at things from an ORB-centric standpoint (as much of the CORBA specification does).

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Naming Service
Entities that are not CORBA objects - that is to say, not objects accessed via an Object Request Broker - are used for names (in the guise of pseudo objects). In both cases the interfaces to these entities conform as closely as possible to OMG IDL while satisfying the specific service design requirements, in order to enable maximum flexibility in the future. Specifically, in the Naming Service, name objects are pseudo objects with interfaces defined in pseudo IDL (PIDL). These objects look like CORBA objects but are specifically designed to be accessed using a programming language binding. This is done for reasons based on the expected use of these objects.

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Corba Orb Services .

Corba Elements - Exercise

In this exercise, answer a few questions about the material just covered.
Corba Elements - Exercise