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The Basic Object Adapter

The prevalent (but outdated) version of the Object Adapter currently implemented in most vendor ORB products is the Basic Object Adapter (BOA).
Corba Server skeleton
Corba Server skeleton

The BOA performs all of its tasks quite well, but practical use has shown that the BOA is lacking in the area of interoperability.
As CORBA vendors have developed their products, it has become apparent that the BOA was not specified with the required level of detail. The specification leaves too much in the hands of vendors, which has allowed them to provide diverse implementations of the BOA. This means that CORBA server code is very often directed to a particular vendor's BOA implementation.
  1. An object adapter assists an ORB in delivering a client request to an object implementation
  2. When an ORB receives a client's request, it locates the object adapter associated with the object and forwards the request to the adapter
  3. The adapter interacts with the object implementation’s skeleton, which performs data marshalling and invokes the appropriate method in the object