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Mapped methods with Corba Holders

The basic C++ mappings defines how IDL types are represented in C++. It covers:
  1. mapping for identifiers
  2. scoping rules
  3. mapping for built-in types
  4. mapping for constructed types
  5. memory management rules
For each C++ construct, the compiler generates a definition into the client-side header file, and an implementation into the client-side stub file. General definitions (in the CORBA module) are imported with
#include < OB/CORBA.h>

All elements defined in a module are in the same package
The interface definition results in a class for the interface containing all the elements defined in the IDL interface

Each operation maps to a single method in the Java Interface generated for the IDL interface. The method name and operation name are the same.
The return value is mapped as the primitive type rules define

The parameter type of an in parameter is mapped according to the primitive type mapping rules

The parameter type of an out parameter is mapped to a holder type of the resulting mapped primitive type.

An inout parameter is mapped exactly like an out parameter to a holder type of the resulting mapped primitive type.