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Lesson 4 The operations interface
Objective Describe the Mapping of an IDL interface to a Java operations Interface.

Describe the Mapping of an IDL interface to a Java Operations Interface

The operations interface generated by an IDL compiler is implemented by all the generated stub and skeleton classes.
It captures the method signatures of all the operations mapped from the original IDL interface--these methods must in turn be provided by the classes that implement the interface. Ultimately, the server-side implementation classes that you will write must thus implement the operations interface--so you must understand the form it takes.

Operations interface mapping

Because the operations interface includes the method signatures mapped from the IDL interface, and you already learned the basics of method and interface mapping earlier in the course, a simple example will suffice to demonstrate how the operations interface is generated:

1) Java Operations 1 2) Java Operations 2 3) Java Operations 3

Operations Interface Mapping
In the next lesson, you will use the inheritance-based approach to using skeletons for your server-side implementation.

Operations InterfaceMapping - Quiz

Click the Quiz link below to test your knowledge of operations interface mapping.
Operations InterfaceMapping - Quiz