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Eliminating Classes - Exercise

Video store example: Eliminating classes

Objective: Choose the classes in your course project.


This exercise is worth a total of 10 points.
To receive full credit, you will need to create a list of classes for the Checkbook Manager application.


Put together a list of nouns that you feel might apply to the Checkbook Manager application. Use these nouns as your starting point:
  1. Check
  2. Bank
  3. Money
  4. Budget
  5. Stock
  6. Credit card
  7. Checking account
After you have generated at least 30 words (50 would be better), stop and give them all a critical look. For each word, ask whether it has something to do with managing a checking account. Does it represent an entity that does something, or tracks several values, or is more than just a number or a string of characters? Are there synonyms in your list? Narrow your list down and then enter your final class list in the text box below.


Do not try to decide whether a word is a good class or not until you have compiled what you feel is your complete listing.

Submitting your exercise

Enter your list of nouns in the text box below and then press the Submit button.