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Classes Objects (Domain Classes) - Exercise Result

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The table below shows the nouns that qualify as problem domain classes:

Candidate Term Not a class because Class Name Class Purpose
Auditorium   AuditoriumThe facility in which the events are held and for which tickets are sold
Event  EventA performance negotiated by the event planner and presented in one or more shows
Basketball game It is a type of event   
Show ShowA single presentation of an event
Play It is a type of event    
Concert It is a type of event    
Event planner   Event planner A person responsible for negotiating and scheduling event, as well as managing and pricing the seating
Floor plan   Event Floor Plan The physical layout of the seats within the auditorium for an event
Event   Event See above
Floor A part of the floor plan area    
Seating   Seat A physical chair available for use in many shows.
Show seating chart   Show Seating Chart A layout of the seats within a show and their current status
Pricing plan   Pricing Plan A complete pricing strategy for a show. The same pricing plan may be applied to many shows. A show may only use one pricing plan.
Price tier   Price Tier A level of prices within a pricing plan. A price tier may contain one or more price types, up to one for each unique price type.
Price type An attribute of price that identifies who is eligible to pay a given price Price A type and dollar amount associated with a seat in a show
Adult Value for price type    
Senior Value for price type    
Student Value for price type    
Child Value for price type    
Group Simply refers to a collection of seats    
Seats   Seat See above
Discount   Discount A kind of credit applied against the total price for a set of tickets purchased by the same person for the same show in the same transaction
Sales A general reference to the activity of selling tickets to shows    
Customer   Customer A person who uses our system to query availability, purchase tickets, and/or refund tickets at our auditorium
Mailing address Attribute of customer    
Credit card   Credit Card A form of payment used to purchase tickets and apply refunds
Payment   Purchase A record of how a customer paid us for tickets they purchased in a single transaction
Refund   Refund A credit applied against a purchase made by a customer in exchange for returning tickets
Ticket   Ticket A receipt for the purchase of a seat in a show