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Encapsulation Visual Aggregate Component

Object: Book Purpose: A resource provided to clients for short-term loan

Aggregate: A Car
Purpose: A means of personal transportation

Component: A security user interface
Purpose: Provide controlled visual access to the security system

Job: Payroll Clerk
Purpose: Insure that employees are paid according to company policy

Domain Driven Design
Application: Word Processing
Purpose: Support the creation and alteration of electronic documents.

System: Payroll System
Purpose: Facilitate and track the payment of all employees in compliance with company policy and state and federal tax laws.

Department: Payroll Department
Purpose: Coordinate the staff and systems used to insure the proper payment of employees according to company policy and state and federal laws.

Company: A Payroll Service
Purpose: Provide expert support for all payroll related services for client companies in conformance with state and federal laws.