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Business versus System Applications

How do you discover and define resources when working with technology applications?
When working with technology applications like networking software, discovering and defining resources requires a bit of abstraction, but the principle remains true. In a network, for example, a fundamental set of information must be managed. This information is your resource, for example, input/output and locations. To lose or mismanage these resources would mean failure for your application just as surely as mismanagement of customers and supplies would mean failure for our flower shop.

Also, just like business technologies, network technologies change rapidly and continuously.
So separating the purpose of the network software from the technologies used to achieve that purpose is just as important in a technology application as in a business application.
An important difference is that the exploratory software developmentstyle is based on error correction while the softwareengineering techniques are based on the principles of error prevention.Inherent in the software engineering principles is the realization that itis much more cost-effective to prevent errors from occurring than tocorrect them as and when they are detected. Even when mistakes arecommitted during development, software engineering principlesemphasize detection of errors as detected only during the final producttesting. In contrast, the modern practice of software development is todevelop the software through several well-defined stages such asrequirements specification, design, coding, and testing. Attemptsare made to detect and fix as many errors as possible in the samephase in which they are made.