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Lesson 3Project initiation
ObjectiveDefine the purpose and scope of project initiation.

Purpose Scope Project Initiation

Project initiation
Project initiation
The project initiation phase is required to establish clearly that everyone involved in a project understands precisely the problem that he or she is working on.
How well the problem is initially defined in the project's problem statement is usually beyond your control. However, you can prepare yourself with a standard set of questions and tools to clarify and expand on the problem definition to create a basis for further project analysis.

The scope of project initiation

The scope of project initiation is to establish a problem definition that will guide the rest of the project.

Outside the scope of project initiation

The project initiation phase should not be used for problem solving, design, or discussion of technology. The focus during this phase is on problem definition. The question you need to answer is: What is the problem?
This constraint can be frustrating because some people have a strong tendency to jump immediately to solutions. I refer to this tendency as the “shoot, ready, aim” approach, or the “code and then document what you did” approach.
It is a simple fact that you have to establish a target before you can expect to hit it. Define the problem first, without jumping to solutions.