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Project Constraints - Exercise

Course Project: Context, Scope, and Constraints

Objective: Identify whether selected user statements help you identify course project context, scope, or constraints.

Exercise Scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points.

Background Overview

This is the third exercise in the course project.

Download files

No downloadable files are required to complete this exercise.


Review the user statements below. As you read the statements, decide whether the statement helps you identify project context, scope, or constraints. Briefly explain your answer.

User Statements

  1. We want to give our customers access to our site through the Internet.
  2. Agents need to be able to see their sales status.
  3. We already have a database that is working very well for us.
  4. We need to track sales for agents, but not for agencies.
  5. In the first phase, we will handle only theatrical events. Later, we will add concerts, and eventually all other event types.
  6. The facilities manager assigns the prices to seats in each show.
  7. A single agent may be assigned no more than 10% of the seats at any time.
  8. Agents are given permission to sell seats for a date range. They can sell tickets for any shows that occur during that time period.
  9. We are going to accept only credit card payments.
  10. Our auditors require the tickets to be uniquely numbered.

Submitting your exercise

For each of the user statements above, indicate in the text box below whether or not the statement helps you define the scope, context, or constraints of the course project system. Briefly explain your choice.