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Extends Dependency StereoType - Exercise

Course Project: Update the Use Case Diagram, 2

Objective: Update the course project use case diagram with the Extends dependency stereotype.

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This exercise is worth 25 points.


This is the ninth exercise in the course project.

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Given the following enhancement to the problem statement, update the course project use case diagram using the Extends dependency illustrated in this lesson.
We initially thought that we would be able to handle only credit card payments. After further evaluation, we have decided that the system must also support invoicing. In other words, the customer may purchase tickets on account if the customer has been previously approved.This allows two forms of payment instead of one. We also want to allow people to use the gift certificates that we have been selling for some time now. The gift certificates are in effect a discount on a purchase. Whether the customer pays by credit card or on account, the gift certificate credit should be applied in the same way.

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