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Include Dependency - Exercise

Course project: Update the Use Case Diagram, 1

Objective: Update the course project use case diagram with the Includes dependency stereotype.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth 18 points.

Background and Overview

This is the eighth exercise in the course project.

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No downloadable files are required to complete this exercise.


Given the following enhancement to the course project problem statement, update the course project use case diagram using the include dependency illustrated in this lesson. Seat status is extremely volatile. Many of the system functions change the seat status. The changes should be immediately reflected in the view that the customers use to select the seats they want to buy. Many of the functions that the event planner performs may affect a seat’s status and attributes, for example, designing the floor layout, pricing the show, and making changes to the schedule. In addition, activity by other customers may affect a seat’s availability, for example, selecting seats places them on hold, purchasing seats reserves them, and refunding seats returns them to the pool of available seats.

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