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Course Example Project - Exercise Result

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There is more than one possible solution to this problem.
Some good purpose statements include the following:
  1. The Checkbook Manager maintains an up-to-date record of income and expenses.
  2. The Checkbook Manager prepares budgets and compares actual income and expenditures with the budget.
  3. The Checkbook Manager organizes financial data for tax forms.
  4. The Checkbook Manager encourages savings and investment.
  5. The Checkbook Manager helps the user use money more efficiently.

Object Behavior

Identifying the users is only a part of the exercise. After the users are identified, you must determine the behaviors of the objects. From the viewpoint of all the users, begin identifying the purpose of each object and what it must do to perform properly. Note that many of the initial choices will not survive the final analysis. These choices are identified by gathering requirements using various methods such as UML Use Cases. Keep in mind that a program may have more than one such statement, as long as the statements are related.