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Course Example - Exercise

The course example and the course project

Objective: Create a purpose statement for your course project.


This exercise is not scored. It is an opportunity for you to check your understanding of the material covered in the preceding lesson.
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In one paragraph or less, define the purpose of the Checkbook Manager program.
Note that you do not need to, and indeed should not, define everything the program will do, only the reason for the program.


Keep in mind that the broader the focus of the program, the more work is involved in actually writing it.
Writing a checkbook balancing program is relatively simple. Writing a full-featured financial planner is relatively complex.
For comparison's sake, here is a purpose statement for Quickbooks Online, a full-featured personal accounting program:
Mastering QuickBooks 2020:
That is a very nice purpose statement, though perhaps a little broader than you want to use for this course project.
Because you are not going to sell millions of copies of your program and you do not have a team of well-paid developers to prepare a design document, you should probably narrow your focus.