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Lesson 3 OO Problem - Analysis Course Expectations
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Project Context in SW Development

In software development, the context of the project determines which software process is the most appropriate one to support a certain product development. In a previous work the authors have identified the set of dimensions and variables that should be considered in the context specification of small software projects, due they could affect the development process.
This report compliments such a previous work by proposing a step-by-step method to define the organizational project context profile that will be used by a software company to tailor its organizational software process. Every time that the company is going to develop a project, it must instantiate of such a profile to reach a computable representation of the context that characterizes to that project. Such a representation will be then used by a set of tailoring transformations to generate an adapted software process, which is suitable to support the development of the product being considered in the project. This method helps to automate the tailoring process, and thus it becomes more simple, fast and predictable. This project context definition method must be then utilized by the end-user through a Web tool that eases this activity.