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UML Modeling Composition - Exercise

Course project: Modeling Aggregation and Composition

Objective:Model aggregation and composition based on excerpts from the course project problem statement.

Exercise scoring:

This exercise is worth 10 points.


This is the third exercise in the course project. Download files: No downloadable files are required to complete this exercise.


Given the course project problem statement excerpts below, diagram the relationships using aggregation or composition:
  1. Identify the classes involved (leave the event planner out for now).
  2. Identify the associations between the classes.
  3. Draw the associations and apply the proper icon to represent either aggregation or composition.
  4. Assign multiplicity to each end of each association.
  5. Add constraints where needed to account for all the rules documented in the problem statement.

Problem statement

Excerpt 1
The auditorium is made up of a number of seats arranged in a floor plan. There is only one floor plan for the auditorium. All possible seat locations are accounted for on this plan.
Excerpt 2
Pricing is done using a pricing plan. A pricing plan consists of a set of price tiers. Each price tier defines prices for one or more price types:, adult, senior, student, and child. The event planner may also add one or more discounts to the pricing plan to try to improve sales.

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