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Discovering Attributes - Exercise

Course project: extend a sequence diagram

Objective: Extend a sequence diagram to add data sources.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth 10 points.


This is the eighth exercise in the course project.

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Module 3 Lesson 7 - Download


View the Image below to review the initial sequence diagram for this exercise.
Initial Sequence Diagram for Exercise consisting of 1) Customer, 2) Purchase, 3) ShowSeat, 4) Ticket, and 5) PriceTier.

Task 1: Find a new parameter and its source.
Problem: The ticket has to print the location of the seat.
Goal: Find out which object owns the seat location and get it. Update the sequence diagram accordingly.
Task 2: Find a new return value and its source.
Problem: The purchase requires a discount value.
Goal: Find out which object owns the discount value and get it.
(To simplify the solution, assume that the total number of tickets and their value have been computed by the Purchase object and are ready to be used as parameter values when the discount is needed.)
Update the sequence diagram accordingly.

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