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Add Class to Model - Exercise

Test the classes

Course project: add a new class to the model

Objective: Add a new class to the course project model.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 20 points.


This is the 11th exercise in the course project.

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The users have reviewed the use cases and realized that they completely forgot about the sales agents. The agents have a contract that assigns seats to them that they can then sell. The seat assignments are granted for a date range. The agent can sell the tickets for assigned seats in any shows that take place during that date range.
For this exercise:
  1. Add the agent and contract to the class diagram. Each agent has one contract at any given time, but may have many over time. There are no agents in the system who do not have contracts currently in effect. Each contract assigns one or more seats to the agent. Seats do not have to be assigned to an agent, that is, they can remain available for public sale. Seats may be assigned to only one agent at a time.
  2. Update the sequence diagram to get the name of the agent assigned to ShowSeat.

Class diagram

Class diagram
Class diagram

Sequence diagram

Sequence diagram
Sequence diagram

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