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Enhance Sequence Diagram Scenario - Exercise

Course project: enhance a scenario

Objective: Enhance a scenario and the corresponding sequence diagram.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points.


This is the ninth exercise in the course project.

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The first sequence diagram and scenario describe the Customer actor talking to TicketingSystem. Expand the sequence diagram to add the resources used by TicketingSystem to fulfill the Customer's request.
  1. The Customer requests to see the seating chart for a show.
  2. TicketingSystem provides the seating chart for the selected show.
Sequence diagram
Sequence diagram

Class Diagram
Class diagram
  1. What object knows the correct seating chart to return to the customer? Refer to the class diagram.
  2. Add the object to the sequence diagram.
  3. Add the event(s) that you need to obtain the seating chart for customer.


The customer will ask the TicketingSystem to access the needed objects. Use the associations between classes to determine which object can provide you the correct answer.

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