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Cohesion and coupling - Exercise

Cohesion and coupling revisited

Course project: improving cohesion and reducing coupling

Objective: Refactor a design to improve cohesion and coupling.

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This exercise is worth a total of 20 points.


This is the 12th exercise in the course project.

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Below you will find definitions for the Show and Promotion objects. Included in both of these definitions is the purpose for the object, as well as a list of the responsibilities assigned to that object. Reassign the responsibilities to support the best reuse and divisio labor among the objects. It may require you to create new classes or simply redistribute responsibilities. Remember to apply the principles of cohesion and coupling to arrive at the best configuration.

Initial Definition Show
  1. Purpose:Define a single presentation of an event.
  2. Responsibility: Set th date and time of the performance.
Show promotion
  1. Purpose: Define the pricing strategy for a show.
  2. Responsibility: Define the price tiers that will be offered in the show. Set the minimum and maximum number of seats that should be assigned to each price tier.
    Define the discounts that will be offered. Set the maximum number of seats that an individual customer can purchase (prevent ticket scalping).


  1. Price tier: A set of price types and prices applied to a section of seats. For example, good seats might go for $50 for adults and $25 for children (one price tier), while balcony seats might sell for $20 for adults and $10 for children (another price tier).
  2. Discount: A percentage reduction in the sale price based on either the number of tickets purchased or the total value of the tickets purchased.

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