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Lesson 5 Software Project Life Cycle Course
Objective Learn about the course project.

Model an online ticket sales system

The project for this course requires you to model an online ticket sales system for a local auditorium. In order to create this model, you will need to find out what the users want to be able to do with the system, how they do business, and how they expect an automated solution to help them.
Your task will be to:
  1. Document user expectations
  2. Help users clarify their expectations and business practices
  3. Model the users' business in a way that will support the development of an automated solution
During this process, you will use the UML diagramming standards to provide a consistent and precise view of the knowledge captured along the way and the decisions that you and the users make.
You will learn what tools and concepts to use at each phase, including what questions to ask and how to test your conclusions.
The end product of this project, which will be developed in the first two courses in this series, will be a complete use case model, an object model, and interaction diagrams.
These products will be the foundation for the design phase covered in part two of the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Fundamentals Series.