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Lesson 4 Explore key course features for the Project Life Cycle
Objective Interactive features to help you learn the material.

Explore key course features of Project Life Cycle

Quizzes and Exercises

Throughout the course, you will find multiple-choice quizzes and hands-on exercises. These learning checks will allow you to assess what you have learned and, if necessary, what to go back and review.
Occasionally in this course, you will need to examine screenshots or other images that are larger than our standard lesson pages. When this is necessary, you will see a View Image or View SlideShow link.
Click this link to open a new Web browser window and view the image.
Due to browser compatibility issues, subsequent openings of new browser windows may not bring the secondary window to the front and it may be hidden behind your main browser window.

  1. Interactive Tooltip: Whenever you see this graphic within the course, a tooltip will explain some element of a diagram, screenshot, or other graphic will follow. Move your mouse cursor over the parts of the image outlined in red to display the explanations.
  2. SlideShow

    The SlideShow widget presents a series of images that you can flip through, either forward or backward.
    The applets used in this course are always followed by a link to a non-applet version of the information presented.

Course Glossary

Many of the terms used in the course are defined in a JavaScript glossary. The terms appear italicized and underlined in the lesson text.
Clicking a glossary term opens a small window with the definition. At that time, you can also choose to view the entire course glossary. In addition, glossary links for key terms appear in each module wrap-up lesson.