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Lesson 3 Reusable Code Requirements
Objective Discover what you need to take this course.

Reusable Code Requirements in C++

Everything you need to complete this course is available online.


In order to do the exercises and course project, you need a C++ compiler.
If you do not have a C++ compiler, you can purchase one through our online Software Store by clicking the Resources button in the toolbar.

Course downloads

Any source code you need for exercises and for the course project, as well as suggested solutions, are included in a compressed download file for your convenience.
The download file is available in Windows, Macintosh, and Unix compressed formats.

The side effect of myself being a software design hands-on consultant is that I regularly come in contact with an extraordinary variety of professional profiles. The solid statistic sample of the programmer population that I meet by switching office environments several times during a work week has helped me get a fairly good insight into the profiles.
The first group is made of the C/C++ programmers coming from a variety of engineering backgrounds (EE, mechanical, robotics and system control, aerospace, physics, chemistry, music) who deal with programming on a daily basis. A lack of formal and more focused computer science education as well as a lack of non-theoretical literature on the topic makes this course a precious resource for this particular group. The second group is comprised of junior level programmers with a computer science background. This course may help make concrete the body of their existing knowledge gained in core courses and focus it to the operational level.
The third group is made of folks whose interest is in the domain of OS integration and customization. Understanding the world of binaries and the details of their inner working may help clean the air tremendously.