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ADT Conversions Constructor - Quiz

1. Explicit cast conversion is necessary:
  A. anytime an int needs to be converted to a double
  B. anytime any native type needs to be converted to another native type
  C. anytime a user-defined type is used as an argument to a function
  D. when the implicit conversion is not desired or expression is illegal otherwise

2. A constructor is a conversion constructor if:
  A. it takes two arguments: the "from-type" and "to-type"
  B. it has only one "from-type" argument and the "to-type" is implied
  C. it takes either two arguments or it takes only the "from-type" argument
  D. the constructor has no arguments and is made for you by the compiler

3. To convert from a user-defined type to a built-in type, you must add a special conversion member function to the class. This member function must:
  A. use the operator keyword in its declaration
  B. be a static member function
  C. have a return type
  D. not have an empty argument list
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