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Build Use Case in UML - Exercise

Course Project | Part 1 Exercise

Objective:Build the use case diagram for the course project inventory control system.


Use the following problem statement as your source for building the course project use case diagram. Follow the same thought process that we used in the simulation.

Problem Statement - Receiving

The receiving clerks receive incoming shipments by matching purchase orders against the stock in the shipment. They inform the Accounts Payable department when the purchase order items have been received.
  1. Stocking: The stock may come from cancelled orders, returned orders, and received shipments. The stock is placed in the warehouse in predefined locations. The stock clerk looks up the correct location for the new stock, places the stock in that location, and updates the inventory with the location and quantity.
  2. Order Fulfillment: Other staff members fill orders by locating the stock required for the order. As they fill the order they update inventory to reflect the fact that they have taken the stock. They also notify the Order Processing department that the order has been filled.
  3. Shipping : When the orders are filled they are then packed and prepared for shipping. The shipping folks contact the shippers to arrange delivery and update inventory to record the fact that the products actually shipped. They also notify the Order Processing department that the order has shipped.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 48 points:
  1. 2 points for each actor (six actors and 12 points possible)
  2. 2 points for each use case (six use cases and 12 points possible)
  3. 2 points for each association (ten associations and 20 points possible)
  4. 4 points for the system

Submitting the exercise

To submit the exercise, follow the steps below:
Step 1
  1. In the subject field, type: UML - Course project, part 1 - Module 3 - your Student ID. This is very important! Without this specific text in the subject field, the exercise cannot be matched to the person who created it.
  2. Include a brief note in the text field of your email.
  3. Attach your file. Make sure your file is named: usecase.gif. Each email program has a slightly different way of attaching files.
    Please check your program's documentation for full instructions.

Step 2
In the text area below, type your solution: When you are ready to submit it, click the Submit button.