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Use Case Narrative - Exercise

Course project, part 2

Objective: Write a use case narrative for the course project inventory control system.


We have identified the use case Fill Order in the use case diagram. Given what you know about this process draft a narrative for this use case.
Remember to include the four elements:
  1. assumptions,
  2. pre-conditions,
  3. dialog, and
  4. post-conditions.

Four Human Factors
Four Human Factors

Use this guide to help you construct the use case narrative:

Name Fill Order
Author Your name
Last update Date
Use case description
Use case initialization This use case starts when…
For example:
  1. Requested: on demand
  2. A system event occurs: order cancelled
  3. A point in time arrives: midnight on the last day of the month
Use case dialog
Use case termination

See if you can find an error or something missing from our use case diagram. Very often, taking a closer look at one aspect of the problem will reveal new insights to update existing models. This is a normal and desirable part of the modeling process.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 20 points:
  1. Assumptions: 2 points
    (there are no pre-conditions in the exercise solution)
  2. Use case initialization: 2 points
  3. Use case dialog: 6 points
  4. Use case termination: 2 points
  5. Post-conditions: 2 points
  6. 2 points for each error/change found, up to 6 points maximum

Submitting the exercise

Step 1
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  2. In the subject field, type: UML - Course project, part 2 - Module 3 - your Student ID. This is very important! Without this specific text in the subject field, the exercise may not be matched to the person who created it.
  3. Include a brief note in the text field of your email.
  4. Attach your file. Make sure your file is named: narrative.gif.
    Each email program has a slightly different way of attaching files. Please check your program's documentation for full instructions.

Step 2
In the text area below, type: Course project, part 2 and your Student ID. In addition, you can include any questions or comments you have about the exercise. When you are ready to submit it, click the Submit button.