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Aggregation and Composition in Class Diagrams - Exercise

Objective: Model aggregation and composition associations.


Draw a class diagram to represent the information in the following problem narrative:

Problem description

"Our company maintains a group of race cars. Our cars use some of our new 8- cylinder engines and new transmissions. Once the engines are assembled, the pistons, carburetor, and plugs cannot be swapped between engines due to changes caused by the high temperatures."
"We want to keep records of the performance achieved by each engine in each car and each transmission in combination with each engine. Our drivers evaluate each car to give us their assessment of the handling. We need a system to track the configurations and the drivers' assessments."

Coherent Perspective on Information

A coherent perspective on information is an information model in an endeavor. To foster a solitary perspective on information, characterize a consistent information object model. A sensible information object model portrays information in an association and the connection between the information. You can utilize an information demonstrating instrument, like Erwin, to make the consistent information object model.

Exercise scoring

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