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UML Delegation - Exercise

Course project, part 4

Objective: Create the class diagram for the inventory control system course project.


This module has covered the most common elements of the class diagram. Now that you have learned the individual elements of the class diagram, it is time to put it all together in the course project.
I have provided a problem description for the inventory control project. This problem description will be your source for the modeling effort. In a real project, you would use the use case narratives. But for the narrow scope of this course, to learn the UML notation, we have chosen to keep it brief.

Inventory control: problem description

"Our system is designed to inventory and ship uniquely identified products. These products may be purchased directly from vendors and resold as is, or we can package vendor products together to make our own product. Customers place orders for one or more items. These items relate to a product. We identify our products by serial number."
"Shipments are received and placed into stock. Each product is assigned to a location so that we can easily find it later when filling orders. Each location has a unique location ID. Customer orders are shipped as the products become available, so there may be more than one shipment to satisfy a single customer order. Any items that have not been shipped are placed on a backorder with a reference to the original order."

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 50 points:
  1. 2 points for each class (10 classes and 20 points possible)
  2. 2 points for each association, including aggregation and generalization (11 associations and 22 points possible)
  3. 2 points for finding the qualified association
  4. 4 points for correct multiplicities
  5. 2 points for not putting multiplicity on the generalizations
To receive full credit, briefly summarize in the text box below your thinking behind the choices you made in this exercise and any specific challenges or problems you may have encountered.

Submitting the exercise

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