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Installing Java Software Development Kit

Install JDK on the Unix OS

Objective:Install the Java SDK.


This exercise is not scored. It's an opportunity for you to check your understanding of the material covered in the preceding lesson. When you're finished, click the Submit button to receive credit for having completed it.


In this exercise you will download and install the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition from Sun's Java 2 Platform Web page. If you've never installed software before this task may seem daunting, but it's really just a few simple steps. A description of the steps you will need to take is provided below.


Download the Java SDK for Download Java SDK From Oracle
Make sure you keep track of where you save the download file.
  1. To confirm that your installation is successful, change your current directory to your progfun directory and issue the command: java -version

You should see a message indicating which version of Java you have installed.
If you receive the error:
java: Command not found

then it is likely that your PATH is not set correctly. You can issue the command:
echo $PATH

to see how your PATH environment variable is currently set. Double check to make sure that your PATH includes the bin directory relative to your SDK installation directory. For example, if you installed the Java 2 SDK in the directory /usr/j2se, then your PATH should include the directory /usr/j2se/bin.
If you are still having difficulty, please contact your tutor, and in your message include your SDK installation directory and your current PATH.