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Lesson 1

Java Programming Language

The primary objective of this module is to get you ready to start writing programs using the Java programming language. As you learn the basic principles of programming there is no better way to reinforce these ideas than to put them into practice.
After completing this module you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to:
  1. Download and install the Java 2 Software Development Kit
  2. Compile a Java program
  3. Run a Java program
  4. Use comments and indentation in a Java program

The software engineer’s job is to solve problems economically by developing high-quality software. In this first chapter we will present important issues that all software engineers should understand to do their jobs well.

Nature of Software

Similarly to mechanical engineers who design mechanical systems and electrical engineers who design electrical systems, software engineers design software systems. However, software differs in important ways from the types of artifacts produced by other types of engineers:
Software is largely intangible. Unlike most other engineering artifacts, you cannot feel the shape of a piece of software, and its design can be hard to visualize. It is therefore difficult for people to assess its quality or to appreciate the amount of work involved in its development. This is one of the reasons why people consistently underestimate the amount of time it takes to develop a software system. In the next module you will learn how Java will be used in the course.