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Lesson 2 Programming fundamentals using Java
ObjectiveUnderstand the use of Java in the course.

Java Programming Fundamentals

The programming language that you will be using in this course is Java. Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) , the developer of the Java programming language, describes Java as a simple, object-oriented, distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture neutral, portable, high-performance, multithreaded, and dynamic language.
That is quite a collection of adjectives. They are all true, but in this course we'll try to stick to the simple part.
In all honesty, you can learn the fundamentals of programming using any number of programming languages including Java, BASIC, and C. The decision to use Java was based primarily on the free availability of Java development environments and the growing popularity of the language.
Because this course is targeting first-time programmers, we'll be emphasizing programming concepts that are common to most high-level programming languages. More specifically, the course emphasis is on structured programming concepts.
Using an object-oriented programming language for a course on structured programming concepts may seem a bit unusual, but this apparent inconsistency is due to the common misconception that object-oriented programming and structured programming are mutually exclusive. On the contrary, the structured programming concepts we'll be covering with Java are essentially a small subset of the concepts used in object-oriented programming with Java. The result of this approach is that by the end of the course you will definitely be ready to dig deeper into Java, but you will also be well-prepared to learn other high-level programming languages. In this module you will be performing tasks on your computer that you may have never done before, such as downloading and installing software and using a command prompt window. For some these tasks will go smoothly, and for others the road may get a bit bumpy. If at any time you run into difficulty, conduct a search the search bar listed above.
In the next lesson you will create a directory to contain the programs you will be writing in the course.