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Lesson 4 Review the analysis work products
Objective Describe the finished products from the problem analysis phase

Analysis Work Products(Problem Analysis Phase)

Data Dictionary

The data dictionary defines the vocabulary of the problem domain.
This vocabulary forms the basis for all of the models.

Use case model

The use case model includes the use case diagram, as well as narratives and scenarios for each use case.
The purpose of the use case model is to establish what the users expect to see when they interact with the system. The view is from outside of the system, as though it is a black box. Scenarios provide test cases for each use case and thus are critical resources for the rest of the project. These test cases can and should be applied at each iteration of the analysis and design process.

Object model

The object model provides two resources: the class diagram and the object diagram. The two diagrams represent the resources of the problem domain that the users would require even if the system were not automated. The class diagram (often called the object model) is the primary model. The class diagram generates the code and provides the best definition for the persistent objects of the system--the objects that must be managed in a database. The object diagram is a tool for testing and understanding the objects that make up the class diagram.

The sequence and collaboration diagrams represent the interactions between objects. As such, they are valuable tools for identifying object interfaces. Interfaces in turn help identify the attributes that must be supported by the class diagram. Attributes contain data values. Data values are passed as arguments and return values in interfaces. A value cannot be passed as an argument if it is not contained in an attribute on some object or created by an operation that belongs to an object (a derived attribute).
Click the View image link below to see the relationships among the use case model, the object model and the interaction diagrams.

Object Model, Use Case Model, Sequence or Collaboration Diagram
Object Model, Use Case Model, Sequence or Collaboration Diagram

Analysis Work Products - Quiz

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Analysis Work Products - Quiz