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Lesson 4Review the statechart notation
Objective Review the statechart notation.

Review Statechart Notation

Statechart Notation

The statechart notation is fully described in the diagram below.

Review it as needed so that you can proceed with the remaining content of this module. Please pay close attention to the method used to derive a statechart from a set of sequence diagrams. This technique will be the focus of the exercise for this lesson.

Building Statechart Diagram

In the following example we help you start the construction of a statechart diagram using a sequence diagram as your source. In mechanics rather than the complexity of the problem domain. But the same strategy can be employed as the problem domain increases in complexity.

State Chart Diagram

State Chart Notation - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to work on the course project. In this exercise you will build the statechart for the ShowSeat object.
State Chart Notation - Exercise