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Object model Domain partitioning - Exercise

The object model and domain partitioning

Allocate classes to domain partitions


Complete the assignment of classes in the object model to the domain partitions.

Exercise scoring:

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points.


Open the exercise file that you created in Module 1 from the Resource page download section to get the following diagrams:
  1. objectmodel.gif
  2. usecasemodel.gif
  3. solution1.gif
  4. exercisesolution.doc
  5. domainex1.gif
  6. domainex2.gif
Use the partitioned use case diagram as your source for the individual packages. Each partition represents a logical package. Use the class diagram (objectmodel.gif) as your source for the classes that are required to support each partition. The objects for these classes should be created by the partition to which they are assigned.


For each domain partition from the previous course project, solution #2, assign the portion of the object model that represents the classes that are created, maintained, and referenced. Use either gray shading or some other notation of your choice to denote referenced classes.
Make certain that every class is accounted for in the completed partitioning. Nothing can be lost during the transition from analysis to design. You should end up with five packages. These, plus the two provided in the lesson examples, describe the entire application.


For the Sales partition, you need almost every class in the model that is attached to the ShowSeat. You may show this simply by placing a note on the diagram rather than showing the entire object model. Use text to explain what classes are referenced.

Submitting your exercise

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