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Partition dependencies - Exercise

Partition dependencies

Assign dependencies

Objective:Determine the dependencies between the domain partitions.

Exercise scoring:

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points.

Download files

Open the following exercise documents from the download files:
  1. domainpartition.gif
  2. subsystemdiagram.gif
  3. equencediagram1.gif
  4. Sequencediagram2.gif
  5. Sequencediagram3.gif
  6. objectmodel.gif


  1. Evaluate the information provided to determine if there are any dependencies between the Sales subsystem and the other subsystems.
  2. Update the package diagram to illustrate your conclusions.
  3. Please provide a brief textual explanation of any dependencies that you identify.


When you read the sequence diagrams, remember to refer back to the partitions that contain the classes to see which partition owns the classes and which partitions simply refer to them.
Remember the different types of dependencies:
  1. Via associations and communication across the associations
  2. Functional dependencies
  3. Time dependencies

Submitting your exercise

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Step 1

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